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Pioneering technologies driving the transition towards sustainable rice agriculture highlighted at IRC 2023

Manila, Philippines (19 October 2023) — The pursuit of sustainable agriculture is significantly reshaping global agricultural landscapes,  according to Jose Re, vice president for New Product Development at RiceTec.

At the International Rice Congress 2023, Dr. Re highlighted the pioneering technologies and stakeholders’ collaborations that the company used to drive sustainable food production and positively impact farmers' lives and livelihoods. RiceTec developed innovative technologies to revolutionize rice farming while contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.

RiceTec's commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to increase the productivity, quality, and resilience of hybrid rice. The company’s hybrid rice technology has been transformative, particularly in the United States where it has redefined rice cultivation. Through traditional and newer breeding tools, the company has achieved a 1.8% performance gain in hybrid yield per year over the past eight years.

This progress is reflected in the success of select hybrid varieties adapted to direct seeding and water-saving management practices. The introduction of herbicide tolerance in hybrid rice has provided growers with a valuable tool to optimize resource use, promoting responsible farming practices with increased flexibility and peace of mind during herbicide application.

Direct-seeded rice (DSR) technology represents another pioneering venture by RiceTec. The mechanized direct-seeding for hybrid rice promotes responsible resource utilization and a strategic framework to optimize water, labor and soil resources.

DSR technology is shaping rice farming practices aligned with the ecologically conscious global agenda, according to Dr. Re.

RiceTec's collaborative efforts with stakeholders also play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable agriculture. They support growers in their sustainability efforts and increased profitability. One of its corporate programs promotes sustainability through precision leveling, water management, pest resistance, nutrient management, and wildlife habitat preservation. The program aims to contribute to an efficient farming landscape that is responsive to current challenges facing food production and contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

RiceTec is a Silver Sponsor of IRC 2023.