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R&D Memberships

IRRI Tech Transfer facilitates the membership of private sector organizations in IRRI-led multi-sectoral consortia that collaborate and network on key research and development areas.


Hybrid Rice Development Consortium (HRDC)

A multi-sectoral consortium on hybrid rice research, production of hybrid rice varieties, promotion of innovations - including access to new germplasm, and information on hybrid rice technology. 

  • Upon joining: a “Starter kit” of elite material is provided to new members
  • Each year: new elite parental lines; new high-value segregating material for further breeding
  • Information sharing on hybrid rice seed markets and product profiles
  • User-friendly commercial licensing of IRRI-HRDC hybrids and parental lines
  • Platform for testing members’ own elite hybrids in various countries, using IRRI network of stations
  • Access to high value non-GM traits in elite genetic background  
  • Early access to new science-based solutions developed by 3rd parties
  • Networking with industry peers and decision-makers during annual meetings
  • Visit or refer to the latest HRDC guidelines for more information


Direct Seeded Rice Consortium (DSRC) 

Public-private multi-stakeholder Research for Development (R4D) program that collaborates in the development, scale-up and optimization of innovations, practices, and methodologies for direct seeded rice.

  • Provides a comprehensive approach for partnership, encompassing several technologies like germplasm screening, seed treatment, weed control, micro-irrigation, machinery, application of precision agriculture tools like drones, etc.
  • Privileged access to IRRI elite genetic material bred for direct seeding conditions 
  • Information sharing on direct seeded rice markets 
  • Early access to new science-based solutions developed by 3rd parties
  • Advocacy and policy support in disseminating direct seeded rice practices in various countries with the help of NARES members
  • Visit for more information and resources.


International Rice Informatics Consortium (IRIC)

Membership-based consortium that offers a well-organized database of genotyping, phenotyping, expression, and other available information on rice germplasm for the global research and breeding community

  • Access information and computational tools to facilitate rice improvement via discovery of new gene-trait associations and accelerated breeding
  • User-friendly access to browse, search, and analyze data through a single portal
  • Privileged access to new datasets, tools, and features available for members
  • Visit for more information.


Network for Accelerated Rice Varieties for Impact (NARVI)

Partnership program for testing new IRRI elite inbred rice, and use for breeding, in various countries.

  • New IRRI elite inbred lines are provided each year to members 
  • Members receive three different trial kits each year; each trial kit comprises 20 elite lines
  • User-friendly commercial licensing of elite varieties 
  • NARVI guidelines available for more information 


Thermosensitive Genetic Male Sterility (TGMS) Study Group

Platform for development of two-line rice hybrid technology, based on IRRI-proprietary TGMS female lines with better suited critical temperatures (< 24oC).

  • Deliverables include female lines, male lines and hybrids for testing and licensing
  • TGMS study group guidelines available under NDA for more information